• 1 – 2-day interactive workshop
  • Suitable for 10 – 50 people per game
  • Practical experience in negotiating complex and ambiguous environments
  • Strengthen leadership and team work

Strategic Thinking Games are tailored workshops produced by Huon Strategic that build leadership, strategic thinking and teamwork. They are interactive, team-based games that expose participants to complex and ambiguous operating environments. Participants discover the dangers in linear thinking and acting without vision. They are encouraged to break down traditional paradigms and adapt to unintended consequences using innovation and clear communication.

Game mechanics

These are games. There is a winner. The winner is the individual or team with the most points at the end of the game. Points are accrued through a set of facilitated rounds where individuals and teams attempt to create competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is generally a function of both alignment to the team values and vision, and what other teams are doing. These games inherently create complex interactions between teams and it is this unique dynamism that builds the best learning environment for today’s uncertain operating environments. Do you compete or cooperate?


Every individual belongs to two teams. There are social teams called Families. There are also functional teams called Guilds. The number of teams depend upon the size of the group. Generally, teams should contain 4-8 people.


The number of activities depends upon the time available. This game is design for 1 – 2 days with rounds taking about an hour each. A one-day game would generally comprise of 7 rounds. Each game starts with a couple of icebreaker rounds followed by 3-4 action rounds. Often there is a quick creativity round in the middle to break up the flow.


The environment should be balanced between intuitive and unfamiliar. An intuitive environment reduces study time for the participants while unfamiliar environments reduces cognitive bias. For this reason, most of Project Whanuau-Hou Games are set in imaginary worlds with familiar social constructs. For example, a recent project can be found at https://whanau-hou.com/.


Costs are generally divided between design, production and facilitation. These amounts vary depending upon the group numbers and the amount of tailoring requested.