Huon Strategic provides a range of interactive workshops that build organisational resilience. Most workshops are tailored for the client who have included government departments and private industry. Example workshops include:

Strategic Thinking Games. These are tailored workshops that build leadership, strategic thinking and teamwork. They are interactive, team-based games that expose participants to complex and ambiguous operating environments. Participants discover the dangers in linear thinking and acting without vision. They are encouraged to break down traditional paradigms and adapt to unintended consequences using innovation and clear communication. A recent example of the narrative can be found here. Click here for more detail.

Strategic Tool for wicked problems. A two day interactive workshop that provides participants the tools to recommend strategic decisions in complex and dynamic environments. Click here for more detail.

Red Teaming in a Complex World. A two day interactive workshop that provides participants a background in practical red-teaming. Click here for more detail.

Conscious Innovation. This two day interactive workshop provides new directors, senior executives and managers with the solid grounding in the basics of innovation. Click here for more detail.