Strategic Thinking: Are you a good strategic thinker? An organisation’s ability to succeed in an increasingly complex environment depends upon its capability for strategic thinking. Using scientifically proven tools, we can measure your organisations strategic thinking capability and recommend how it can be improved. Contact us for more detail.

Personality: Have you ever wondered what sort of personality you have? More importantly, this test can also let you know what jobs you are suited for and what type of teams you work best in. Contact us for more detail.

Resilience: How well do you, or your organisation, adjust to change? Can you operate in a complex and dynamic environment? Your success depends on your resilience. Contact us to find out how you can measure and improve your resilience to uncertainty.


We run a number of workshops and courses designed to improve your bottom line. These include:

  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
  • Understanding strategy
  • Foresight and futures mindset
  • Systems Thinking tools and methods

Recently we teamed with the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies to build a number of intensive and distance courses on strategic thinking and decision making. Contact us for more detail.

Strategic Research

We have successfully teamed with a number of organisations to identify optimal strategies, explore future operational environments or improve organisational processes. In a recent example we teamed with the Australian Army to explore how they could improve the development of strategic thinking through their formal professional education system. Contact us for more detail.